A Control & Relay Panel (CRP) system is intended to control several feeders in the main distribution substation through medium voltage interior and outdoor switchgear. It is often used when the accompanying switchgear needs more room to meet the substation's protection, control, and monitoring requirements.


The control and relay panel is the most significant substation equipment because it serves as shield protection for all substation equipment and the electrical network. Furthermore, these panels can manage the flow of power based on voltage class and identify defects in transmission lines. The CRP system may also expand to include substation HMI, time synchronisation, metering, and networking capability, avoiding the need for a separate control room.



Using CRP solutions also improves substation engineer safety by reducing exposure to live switchgear. As a result, it is built and modified to meet a specific client location's needs completely. Various numerical and electromechanical relays are fitted in this panel to safeguard equipment from harm. Meters, Semaphore indicators, Control Switches, Indicating lights, Push Buttons, Annunciator, Test Blocks, and Test Plugs are among the key pieces of equipment placed by design specifications.
Controls & Relay Panels