A distribution board, often known as a panelboard or electric panel, is an important component of any business or residential energy delivery system. The main power wire connects to a distribution board, which distributes electricity to other circuits through breakers or protective fuses. In layperson's terms, it delivers power to secondary circuits such as lights and plugs. These boards are not just little enclosures but also a whole system with neutral linkages, an earth leakage device, and interconnecting wires that appropriately distribute energy. Proper electrical distribution is critical for the safety of the business and residential equipment. There are two types of distribution boards:

SINGLE DOOR DISTRIBUTION BOARDS: These boards are designed for straightforward applications. Single-door distribution boards come in 4-, 9-, and 16-way designs.

DOUBLE DOOR DISTRIBUTION BOARDS: These boards are designed for heavy-duty activities and many connections. Dual-door distribution boards are mostly used in commercial settings.

In addition to these two styles, the market offers a surface-mounted, flush-mounted distribution board in a vertical or horizontal configuration with doors and see-through plastic covers. The amount of circuits connected inside a distribution board determines its size.


A power supply source in a house or workplace is a distribution board. When there are electrical fluctuations, it should be turned off. Experts should examine it regularly to maintain a trouble-free and safe power supply. A distribution board is so important that considerable investment is required when purchasing one. Milestones Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. provides various distribution boards in multiple forms that are also affordable.
Power Distribution Board