We are an industrial automation product manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. We were founded in 1991 to offer technically sound and financially feasible solutions for a wide variety of Industrial Automation and machine manufacturing-related goods. Attention to detail, beginning with the foundation, is critical to delivering a high-quality product to the client or end user. It is our main line of business, and we do our best to produce items that fulfil our client's technical requirements.


We have been in the area of Automation related Products since 1991. We have an ISO 9001-2015 Standard in place and a reputation for producing high-quality Interfacing Modules such as Relay Interfacing Modules, Field Interfacing Modules, and Diode Modules. We manufacture automation-related items such as relay and field interfacing modules in 1 CH, 2 CH, 4 CH, 6 CH, 8 CH, and 16 CH configurations, diode modules, power distribution boards, snubber cards, cable assemblies, and wire harnesses.
AC/DC Drive Panels