Milestones is one of the best 11 KV VCB panel manufacturers & suppliers in India. Milestone’s 11 KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel. Milestones is among the top Vacuum Circuit Breaker manufacturers in India due to the unmatchable speed, reliability and ease of maintenance of its VCB panels. They are built to provide exceptional resistance during premature electrical disturbances. They are tested heavily for impulse, arch quenching, and temperature rise. Our unique designs ensure protection from shock, vibration, corrosion, etc. Milestones 11 KV VCB panels are 3 phase systems with the maximum temperature rise rated at 40°C over Ambient 45°C. The peak insulation level of 11 KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel is rated at 28 KV RMS/75 KV.
VCB Panels up to 11kv (system partner of Siemens)