Type testing of panels involves checking whether the panel fulfills specific requirements that are mandatory for operation in a specific location or function. Having type-verified panels installed significantly increases safety. You may be certain that boards certified by a respected brand have met the greatest safety standards. Consequently, it lessens the chances of any mishap or fire breaking out. Another significant advantage of adopting type-verified panels is their dependability. When you use boards tested and authorized by a reputable company, you can be certain that they will function accurately and consistently. You can depend on them to power your house or company confidently.


Finally, adopting type-verified panels has an additional advantage in terms of quality. finest quality materials and components in their panels. It implies they will survive longer and perform better than less expensive panels. So, if you're seeking the greatest panels for your house or company, Milestones Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. type-tested panels are the way to go.


Type Tested Panels (TTA panels)