Power Control Centers with a rating of up to 6300A are being developed and built, appropriate for an operating voltage of 415V in a 3-phase 4-wire distribution system with an insulation voltage of up to 690V at an ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. According to IS 8623, the separation form is FORM IV. The short circuit withstand capacity is 70/100KA, and the degree of protection is IP54/55, both of which are type tested. The switchboards are available in fixed and semi-drawn-out configurations, with single and double front designs. Low-voltage switchgear assemblies are assemblies that operate at less than 1000 volts. The assembly's criticality varies depending on its use.


Switchgear assemblies used for low-voltage power distribution, for example, are often referred to as Power Control Centers in industrial applications. These control center manage, monitor, and constantly deliver power to associated loads through breakers. If anything goes wrong with the source or load, these PCCs, comprised of breakers, shut off the supply while the rest of the system remains healthy.

Milestones Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. has been producing PCCs for over four decades. Early basic models were improved throughout this time, allowing us to give fast answers to client needs. Today, we have PCC kinds like TF and TERA - TS.

Power Control Centers