Synchronization panels are primarily created and utilized to satisfy the needs of power systems. These panels may be used manually or automatically to synchronize two or more generators or breakers. They are often used to synchronize generators and provide multiplex solutions. Our high-quality DG synchronisation panels are available with linked generator capacities of up to 10000 A and are handcrafted by our experts using premium-quality electrical components.


The term "synchronising panel" defines its function once connected to a power source. To match or alter two or more power magnitude levels. Where power continuity is a priority, the necessity for synchronising panels arises. Finally, synchronising panels is the most significant component for key production businesses in LT Panels. Accu panels use relevant guidelines and specifications to ensure proper grid and DG or PV-DG synchronisation. By properly setting the synchronising relay and configuring all associated data such as voltage, ampere, frequency, power factor, etc. It can sync DG set load sharing with main power to decrease utility power use.
Auto Synchronization Panels (relay & plc based)