A PLC control panel is required for any industrial, manufacturing, or production process application that demands versatile, dependable, and cost-effective automation control (PLC full form is Programmable Logic Controller). These control panels, also known as PLC Automation Panels, provide an advantage over traditional relay-based systems because of their smaller size, simplicity of logic adjustment, methods of remote connections, and technological developments.

PLC panels are used in a wide range of electronic and electrical circuit fittings for a wide range of applications that may be generally classified into three categories: Wind turbine panels, compressor control panels, incinerators, boilers, chillers, spray driers, HVAC panels, and other applications are covered by OEM control panels. The number of I/O points is the essential criterion when selecting modular processors. Each PLC processor will be restricted to a certain number of I/O modules. Memory size (for data storage or programme storage) and performance are other crucial considerations when choosing CPUs (scan time depends on the processor). The programme's size is determined by the complexity of the control issue and the programmer's competence and style. Milestones Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian maker of PLC panels.

PLC Based Panels