Lighting Distribution Boards (LDB) are a vital and necessary component of every construction project, and they must be designed, produced, and installed in line with safety requirements. In most circumstances, a layperson is used, although, in others, a devoted or trained individual is employed. This article describes the basic standards, components, and frames that must operate in the fabrication and installation of lighting distribution boards in a quality construction project.


An MDB is a panel or enclosure that holds the fuses, circuit breakers, and ground leakage protection devices where the electrical energy is received from the. transformer or an upstream panel and distributed to multiple individual circuits or consumer points An MDB usually contains one or more incoming power sources and comprises primary circuit breakers and residual current or earth leakage prevention devices. A free-standing enclosure, a bus bar system, MCCBs, metering and support equipment, and needed current transformers compose an MDB. Panels are organised systematically, such as income and outgoing sections.
Lighting Distribution Boards