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Quality Policy

This is our key policy that we follow towards maintaining excellence in quality standards. We administer stringent quality standards at every level of our production and service support. The three wholesome quality assurance steps that we rely upon include:

Raw Material Inspection
In-Process Inspection
Finished Goods Inspection

Testing Facilities

Our test facilities include a complete range of type testing arrangement accredited by ERDA. Following gives a detail account of our testing facilities:

Primary Current injection set upto  3200 A for Heat run test including 12 point temperature indicator along with thermocouples
Conductivity Meter  - Technofour for aluminum and copper bus bars
Elcometer Electronic type (paint thickness meter)
Relay Testing Kit: comprising of following facilities -
A.C. Variable 0-270 V AC 1 Ø
D.C. Variable 0-270 V DC

AC/DC load 0-100 A

Relay / M.C.B. Test Selection Mode with timer
NO & NC  Selection Mode
High Voltage Tester - 0 - 3 KV
Meggars - 500 V & 1000 V
Continuity Tester, Milliohmmeter, Multimeter
Master Voltmeter 0-150/300/600 V Class 0.5
Master Ammeter 0-1/5A AC Class 0.5
Master CT 100/50/25/10/5/A Class 0.2
Phase sequence meter – 3 Ø
Chemical lab to check concentration of chemicals in tanks